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The Osella FA 30: a royal appearance in hill climb

It is not only one of the fastest but also one of the most attractive hill climb racers: the Osella FA 30. The single-seater was developed – specifically for hill climb – in Enzo Osella’s race car factory near Torino in Italy years ago, and up to 10 of its kind can be admired in the various national and international championships across Europe. As usual, a few of them are expected to compete for the top spots at the Int. 54th Hill Climb Race Osnabrück this year. Young Robin Faustini from Switzerland has already promised to be there. He scored a fantastic overall win at Oberhallau in Switzerland last year, at his third outing with the FA 30, and would like to improve on last year’s rank in Osnabrück when he scored an excellent 4th place. His magnificent car also features on the logo of this year’s Osnabrück race.


Ferrari driver Luca Gaetani from Italy back at Uphöfener Berg

Ferrari driver Luca Gaetani from Italy back at Uphöfener Berg La Bella Italia will be represented at high level at the Int. 54th Hill Climb Race Osnabrück on 6-7 August. Luca Gaetani from near Padua will be there with his amazing Ferrari 488 Challenge. At the recent season opener near Venice he broke the touring car record and finished on the top step of the podium of that category. He debuted at Uphöfener Berg in 2019, behind the wheel of his red Ferrari 458 GT3, and loved it immediately: “We spent very intense and exciting days at your event. A wonderful experience.” With the learnings from that debut under his belt, he hopes to improve his time further this year. His goal for the season is the same as that of his fans: “To fully enjoy the race weekends.”


Uphöfener Berg event again valid for the Luxembourg hill climb championship

The Luxembourg hill climb championship has been of high standing in international hill climb for many years, the number of active drivers in the Grand Duchy being very high by comparison. There have always been some high-rank drivers who have managed to break into the top ranks at international races. Examples of their fast and eye-catching cars are reigning Luxembourg champion Canio Marchione’s Osella PA 21 or Daniel Donkels’s Ligier Honda prototype. There are also some successful female touring car drivers, such as Tania Flammang with her VW Beetle, which has been redesigned this year.


A King of the Hill from South Africa at Uphöfener Berg

A genuine “King of the Hill” from South Africa will be on the start line of the Int. 54th Hill Climb Race Osnabrück on 6-7 August. It is Pieter Zeelie from near Johannesburg, who is eager to send his bright red, roughly 800 hp strong Toyota MR2 V6 on the long voyage. It will be the first time for a driver from South Africa to race in a European hill climb. Initially Pieter Zeelie won championships and broke records in drag racing at the wheel of a Cobra. Later he drove a Lotus Exige and a BMW M3 CSL in various disciplines. He then found the potential of the Toyota MR2 so compelling that he developed it in a painstaking effort from a standard production car to a magnificent, powerful race car. His reward was the 2021 “King of the Hill” trophy at the Simola Hillclimb in Knysna in the very south of South Africa. And he already has plans for further improvements: “I do believe that I can go quite a bit faster”, says the champion from South Africa. The public at Uphöfener Berg are in for a very special treat.


FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup 2022 final at Uphöfener Berg

The FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup will again be contested over four top level events this year. The season-opener will be at Korczyna (Poland), which is hosting the FIA Cup for the first time. At the end of June, it is the turn of the Coppa Paolino Teodori at Ascoli in Italy, alternating as usual with the Trento – Bondone, which counts for the European Hill Climb Championship this year. It is followed by Gorjanci in Novo mesto (Slovenia), which also counts for the Austrian championship. Then in early August the season final will be held at Osnabrück, with a high-quality international grid. Osnabrück will be the only hill climb race with a FIA status in Germany this year.


Digital support for the 2022 hill climb race

This summer, Int. Osnabrück Hill Climb Race partners Vodafone and SYSCON provided the digital infrastructure which allowed the 2021 event to be held with full digital support and in compliance with Covid-19 regulations. MSC Osnabrück now met again with Vodafone and SYSCON representatives, local politicians and other experts to discuss digital options for the 2022 event. If all goes according to plan, the Int. 54th Hill Climb Race Osnabrück on 5-7 August 2022 should also benefit from a modern digital concept supported by Vodafone and SYSCON.


2021 list of participants published

With 146 entries from 13 countries the Int. 53rd Hill Climb Race Osnabrück boasts a promising grid. See the list of participants on the MSC website: https://www.msc-osnabrueck.com/mediathek/downloads/bergrennen/starterlisten/

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