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Two Audi highlights at Uphöfener Berg in 2021

Entrepreneur and gentleman driver Hans-Jürgen Erdbrügger will bring two very special Audi highlights to the Int. 53rd Hill Climb Race Osnabrück in August 2021: He will race in a replica of the rare Audi S1 E1 with 600 hp, built from numerous original parts, and in demonstration he will present a replica of motorsport legend Walter Röhrl’s Pikes Peak Audi with its 650 hp and impressive wings. Both cars reach 100 km/h in a spectacular 2.6 seconds.


The Osnabrück hill climb colours available for everyone

The MSC Osnabrück online shop powered by Berufsbekleidung Leißing presents its new stylish, functional and high quality collection featuring the Int. 53rd Hill Climb Race Osnabrück. The new items, which include t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies, bear the logo of the August 2021 event, the silhouette of the Uphöfener Berg track and the official FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup logo. You’ll find the shop directly at www.msc-shop-leissing.de or via the MSC website: http://www.msc-osnabrueck.com/


Merry Christmas and a happy new year

2020 is drawing to a close, a difficult year with many hardships, and where many events were dearly missed. What keeps us going is the hope that we’ll be able to return to normal next year. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who have remained faithful to us this year. We will do everything we can to ensure that our much-loved events such as the Int. Osnabrück Hill Climb and the Trial can take place again in 2021. To make this happen, we are already working on the necessary precautions, such as sanitary protocols. Here’s to hoping that we’ll all meet again in 2021. With this in mind, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2021. L'année 2020 touche à sa fin, une année difficile avec de nombreuses difficultés et sans beaucoup d’événements bien aimés. Ce qui reste, c'est l'espoir que l'année prochaine la normalité revienne. Nous tenons à exprimer nos sincères remerciements à tous ceux qui nous sont restés fidèles cette année. Nous ferons tout notre possible pour que nos événements, tels que la course de côte et le trial, puissent avoir lieu à nouveau en 2021. Nous sommes déjà au travail sur les précautions nécessaires, telles que les protocoles sanitaires. Espérons que nous nous retrouverons tous en 2021. Pour l’instant nous souhaitons à tous un joyeux Noël et une merveilleuse année 2021. Il 2020 sta volgendo al termine, un anno difficile con molti sacrifici e dove molti eventi non hanno potuto svolgersi. Ciò ...


Online ticket sales for the Int. Hill Climb Race Osnabrück 2021

Ticket sales for the Int. 53rd Hill Climb Race Osnabrück on 21–22 August 2021 will be supported by a new partner, namely Michel Development & Consulting. Company director Christian Michel has assured the MSC Osnabrück organisers that the new system will be able to meet all challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic, such as minimising personal contact, contact tracing and cashless payments, while allowing for maximum flexibility regarding any changes in legal requirements next year. The solution is based on a professional online access system implemented in around 280 public baths in Germany. Spectators at the Int. Hill Climb Race Osnabrück 2021 will be admitted based on QR codes presented at the entrance. The required hardware and internet connections will be provided by Syscon and Vodafone Germany, respectively. Ticket sales are currently scheduled to start early in the 2nd quarter 2021.


Virtual Int. Hill Climb Race Osnabrück

From 15 November 2020 to 14 February 2021 fans of the Int. Hill Climb Race Osnabrück will be able to race at Uphöfener Berg themselves. Anyone can tackle the 2.030 km track in a Formula Tatuus race car as often as they like, and try to further improve their times. The times can then be looked up at any time via a link to the live server on the GTR4u forum page. On three Sunday evenings during this period the action on the virtual track will even be streamed live for everyone to follow (from 18.00 to 20.00): 29 November 2020 27 December 2020 31 January 2021 You’ll need the Assetto Corsa game to participate. Download the skin and the track here: www.gtr4u.de/liga/Assetto_Corsa/2020/Osnabrueck/Osnabrueck_Pack.zip You’ll find further information and guidance in the note attached to this news. GTR4u and MSC Osnabrück wish all motorsport enthusiasts a lot of fun and success at the Virtual Int. Hill Climb Race Osnabrück. More Information : https://www.msc-osnabrueck.com/en/media-library/downloads/hill-climb/infos-for-spectators/


The FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup 2021 calendar

The FIA Int. Hill Climb Cup 2021 will comprise four events: Bieszczadski in Poland on 21-23 May, the iconic, 18 km long Trento-Bondone track in northern Italy on 2-4 July, the Lučine hill climb in Slovenia on 6-8 August, and finally the Int. 53rd ADAC Hill Climb Race Osnabrück in northern Germany on 20-22 August. The European-level hill climb season 2020 having fallen almost totally flat due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be exciting to see which drivers in the various categories will accept the challenge next year. The FIA has recently published not only the calendar but also the detailed regulations for organisers, officials and drivers. Before the first car leaves the start line at Uphöfener Berg, the organisers will have to tackle a myriad of administrative tasks in several languages, liaising closely with the FIA Hill Climb Department in Geneva (Switzerland).


Fast internet access thanks to Vodafone Germany in cooperation with SYSCON

From next year on, internet access at the Int. Hill Climb Race Osnabrück should improve significantly. With the help of Dr Stefan Muhle, State Secretary in the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, and Christiane Rottmann, Deputy District Administrator, MSC Osnabrück chairman of the organising committee Bernd Stegmann and competition secretary Michael Lippke have secured a commitment from Vodafone Germany to provide an internet connection for the 2021 event with both 4G|LTE and the new fast 5G standard. The ultimate goal is to provide the event area and thus also the village of Uphöfen with fast internet access on a permanent basis as soon as possible. In a first instance, this will benefit all smartphone and tablet users with a Vodafone contract or Vodafone GIGA cubes which provide WiFi access via a mobile phone connection. With the help of SYSCON, who specialise inter alia in providing WiFi components in larger outdoor areas, customers of other mobile phone providers will also be able to get fast internet access. The cooperation with Vodafone Germany and SYSCON will thus open up completely new digital possibilities for the hill climb race in the future.

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